Why Millennials leave companies and what can you do to stop this trend?

Millennials are said to be born between 1980 and 1994 previously known as Generation Y although many commentators take the age range up to born year 2000.  As the largest generation in the workforce it is important that companies match their extremely confident, ambitious and tech-savvy employees with a clear vision of their future otherwise they will have high levels of employee disengagement and turnover.

Companies spend a lot of money training the millennials up and then suffer from knowledge loss, decreased productivity and further recruiting and training costs.

At the heart of engagement and retention is alignment of values and many of today’s companies have not caught up with this generations values:

  • Development – Millennials are hungry for training, career advancement, and opportunities for growth
  • Meaning – Nothing is more important to millennials than doing work that matters
  • Autonomy – Millennials have a natural entrepreneurial spirit and want to work on their own terms
  • Efficiency – There’s always a better, faster and easier way to work. Millennials want to find it.
  • Transparency – Information is essential to millennials – they want to be kept in- the-know on the job

Millennials want to be part of something bigger than themselves. To contribute to an organisation that will nurture them professionally. Most of all, it seems they are hungry to learn and eager to do their best work.

We at SVN believe that by engaging in supervision and coaching is the easiest way to stop the trend of Millennials leaving and indeed support them in staying.

  • Coaching for the millennials themselves shows that they are being listened to, are actively learning, and their future is being taken seriously.
  • Supervision helps give management that different perspective and insights in what they need to do next and how to change their culture.

Have a look at www.supervisonnow.com for more details on supervision and then dip into the individual profiles on the 3 supervisors and coaches to see how they can help your companies on both coaching and supervision.

Written by Neil Williams June 2016 – (Source Grovo)