Team Coaching – is your organisation ready for team coaching?

Team coaching is an increasingly prominent component of the people development strategies of organisations across the UK. More and more organisations are recognising that their challenges cannot be faced by focusing purely on individual performance– effective teamwork is essential for the delivery of change, high performance and collaboration.

This means that organisations need to develop their own internal teams, and independent team coaches are better serviced by an external provider. There is recognition that high calibre team coaches will be increasingly in demand to addresses the needs of a market, where 95% of organisations have plans to introduce team coaching in the next three years.

Key benefits include:

  • the team develops themselves as a learning team
  • have their thinking and ways of being in the team challenged and expanded through working together more effectively
  • feeling part of working in a safe environment in discussing issues with others, being comfortable working with each other’s emotions and feelings, and being able to raise “here and now” awareness
  • building mutual respect across team to strengthen relationships
  • creating a reflective space for members to really hear each other, reflect, and to not simply rush to action

We are developing internal team coaching resource as part of our developing Coaching Academy.  We see team coaching as a critical component in helping us to develop a coaching culture across the Trust which will help us to better develop, engage, motivate and care for our staff to deliver better patient care.  It will support us to consistently have a culture of caring which both our staff and patients will benefit from. – Rita Evans, Assistant Director, Organisational Development and Learning, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

What I provide:

Active support to the nominated team coach (or can act as the team coach if needed) to review how effectively the team are performing, communicating, and taking responsibility for their collective contribution. I advocate taking a systemic view to engage widely with other functions and stakeholders.

I have adopted the model developed by Prof Peter Hawkins in Team Coaching in Practice: commissioning, clarifying, co-creating, connecting, and core learning to support a team’s performance

I can also provide ongoing coaching supervision to the team coach/leader to ensure a consistent, values-driven and ethical stance is taken.

Do contact me for a chat about the team you have in mind that could benefit from Team Coaching.

Peter Welch

Providing executive coaching, coaching supervision, team coaching to organisations & individuals