Levels of Leadership

Did you know there are apparently nearly 19,000 leaders globally?

How would you define the different levels of leadership within your organisation (from emerging leaders to senior leaders)?

What’s the different development agenda for each group?

To start things rolling, I would like to suggest:

  • High potential talent: developmental programme with rich, on-job leadership experiences, adopting a coaching approach
  • Existing leaders and managers: continuing education around core management and leadership themes and skills
  • Executives/C Suite level/Non-Exec Directors: focus on achieving strategy through people development and learning strategies
  • Influencers/mentors – tapping into their influential role across and outside of the organisation to bring consistent messages based on the organisation’s core values and strategy

Lots of questions, lots to think about. We would be interested to hear how you see leadership and the challenges facing the various levels.

Questions like these and the thoughts and responses they prompt form the basis for excellent ‘Super-Vision’ conversations.

If you are interested to start a ‘Super-vision’ conversation then please contact any of us.

Author – Peter Welch, May 2016