Neil Williams


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Hi there – thank you for taking the time to read about me and why I am excited to be part of this venture.

I am an independent coach and coach supervisor working with a range of executives, middle managers, business owners and SMEs. I enjoy seeing coaches and supervisees change and adapt their approach to ensure their future success, whatever that means to them.

I come from a business background including sales and operations and working at Board level so my approach is very practical and focused.

I am accredited as a coach and supervisor by the Association of Coaching (AC) and also as a supervisor by CSA. Supervision, CPD and continuing to develop my own skills is very important to me.

I have a section on my website NVW Solutions dedicated to Super-Vision, where you can learn more.

I’m on LinkedIn and of course you can follow me on Twitter.

Since 2009 I have been an active Board member of the Association of Coaching Supervisors (AOCS) a non -profit making organisation with the prime objective of raising the profile of supervision with coaches and mentors alike so they can be even better in their roles.

By having supervision with Sue, Peter or me I am sure it will make a real difference to your coaching or mentoring.

Here’s what a recent Client said:


“I’ve used Neil as my coaching supervisor for about 6 months and he has really added value to how I approach my clients and my business. Neil has a very down to earth and pragmatic manner which, coupled with his previous business, coaching and management experience and his warm personality, really puts you at ease. Each session gets you thinking and challenges your perceptions – and he has a way of steering you to make real changes – I would highly recommend him”. Sean Donovan, Partner, Development Garden