SVN contracting

As part of our service we require all of our Supervisors to use a common approach to contracting.

Especially where the need is more urgent, we like to be clear about what you can expect to discuss/agree during the ‘contracting’ phase.

The SVN Contract states that:

Your supervisor will be responsible for:

  • Creating a safe space for you so that we can work in confidence
  • Stating  the Confidentiality Agreement ( as long as not harmful to you, your organisation and the community ).
  • Supporting and challenging you appropriately
  • Managing the supervision conversation.
  • Sharing experience and understanding in the service of good supervision.
  • Offering any theories/frameworks/techniques where appropriate.

You will be responsible for:

  • Making telephone/Skype contact with your supervisor at the agreed time.
  • Notifying your Supervisor of any requirement to cancel or re-schedule your agreed appointment. (See Cancellation Policy)
  • Owning your actions/outcomes from the Supervision conversation.
  • Making payment (See Payment Schedule), by BACS within 24 hours of the session to the applicable supervisor

On occasions we will take your case to supervision ourselves – we will always ensure complete confidentiality if this is the case.

Clear contracting is part of the Supervision Process that we follow.