The Supervision Journey

In your Supervision Journey

What can I expect?

  • I will be with someone else who gives me space and time to think.
  • It will enable me to get stuff out of my head.
  • I will be able to find a safe space to reflect, be heard without judgement, to talk through issues, challenges, and maybe some fears.
  • It will help to me to move forward, bridge a gap, get support with my ‘blind spots’
  • It gives me a place to go for some personal development, helping me to resolve my learning edge
  • It boosts my confidence to tackle the hard stuff well
  • We can discuss ethical issues and boundaries around my work with others

Having supervision will enable me to:

  • Look back – review and unpick my last session, to better understand what was going on
  • Review my practice – the habits, patterns, rituals, default settings, etc. we can all fall into
  • Look forward – prepare myself for the next session with a current or new client
  • Develop myself – to be out of my comfort zone, embrace my learning edge, change my approach if it’s not serving me well

To start your Supervision journey why not contact one of us now.