For OD, L&D and HR Professionals

Organisational Development, Learning and Development and Human Resource professionals are often at the sharp edge of the business and are expected to come up with the answers quickly and efficiently.  Having the opportunity to briefly pause to consider key decisions, risks and consequences is essential to ensure success.

Working with a coaching supervisor will give you the valuable space needed to offload, pause, reflect and make sense of things.  You can use this time to work out what needs to be shared with your own line manager and to share your concerns with an unbiased and independent person without shame or judgement. 

Supervision helps you to work within your own and the organisations ethical boundaries and helps you to work through your biggest concerns and risks associated with your work. 

Your supervisor won’t give you the answers but will give you the much needed reflective space to help you find the motivation and tools to move forward.

It is worth noting here also that SVN can be used to support internal coaches/mentors/managers at short notice, without the need for a long-term commitment.